Faulty key

Second Op-1 and second problem, this time less problematic but still annoying.
The first key of the keyboard don’t work. The function test confirm the problem. Any suggestion?

If you are out of warrant and feel brave enough to open it, there is a (small) chance that reseting the flat cables that connect the keyboard to the circuit board may fix it, maybe…

I tried to remove the faulty key in order to see if the problem was something simple that I can fix by myself (I haven’t any electronic skills). Long story short: I don’t know exactly what I did but the key it’s workin’ again!

Yes! :wink: :smiley:

sounds to me like there was lint or something causing the switch to not make contact and it got knocked loose by your fiddling. Huzzah on the easy/free fix!

I think one of my keys has some doughnut crumb underneath or something as it feels quite squidgy to push. Is there an easy way remove it?

I had a spongy key, it was because it wasn’t clicked in properly. So you could either pop it out. OR press firmly onto he key until it clicks into place. I’d do the former option though. Don’t want to break anything.

These are TE instruction on how to remove and reattach the keys:

Remove the keys by lifting upwards from the left side. Remove the white plastic scissor from the key cap.* Attach the scissor to the keyboard surface. Slide the metal hinge into the hooks on the keyboard surface. Press down to snap fit key cap in place.