Faulty PO-20 Arcade. Anyone had anything like this?


I just got around to trying out the Arcade (bought as a present at launch) and it seems to be pretty faulty.

After inserting batteries, the unit looks to be fine. It will give off a loud hiss as if the on-board speaker is working, then I hit PLAY and nothing. The readout/LED’s show that the unit is playing, and I get a brief hit of sound, but then nothing. The volume was up enough to chuck out audio.

I then tried some other batteries and connected it to my amp. The unit played for about 20 seconds, then seemed to hard lock?. Now the 2 button is on and nothing else is functioning.

I put together a little video:


I’ve just contacted TE about getting it swapped out, as something is very wrong here.



Are you using rechargeable batteries by any chance? The POs directly use the battery voltage for the system and a 2.5 V low drop regulator for the codec (credit to @Punji for this information). This will not work when using rechargeables at their nominal 2.4 Voltage - freshly charged ones having 2.6+ V may work for a short duration. This could be in line with your observations.

Seems like a fault codec… You may check the battery voltage with Sound+Bpm (100 is full).

I hit Sound + pattern by mistake and it flashes OFF on the screen and activates the metronome (OP-20)
Not sure what that does tho

Edit: its to set the time