Faulty Power Switch

I just recently bought a second hand OP-1 on ebay and I’ve absolutely fell in love with it, but I’ve had some issues with the power switch where it take several tries of toggling the switch to turn on the OP-1 or sometimes the OP-1 turns on when the switch is not toggled and is in the off position (and the battery eventually gets drained from this)
has anyone else experienced this or something similar? I’m hoping I don’t need to replace the connector board and hopefully the problem will go away on it’s own in time

quite common, probably won’t got away, IO board replacement only known fix

mine currently has exactly the same symptoms

know of anywhere to buy the IO board for a decent price? preferably a US distro

Ifixit do them and use the code LINUS for $10 off

Ifixit do them and use the code LINUS for $10 off

I ordered one-- thanks! i really appreciate the coupon code! :slight_smile: