Faulty Trigger points volume knob(?)

Hello, I received the OB-4 a few weeks ago and when I fast forward (ff) the tape (volume knob to the right), I noticed that the tape starts to rewind when turning fully clockwards. It behaves the same, when I use the loop mode.

I reached out to TE, but as I mentioned another bug, they just replied, that the bug was reported to the Development team and will hopefully be fixed in a future update, but I think the problem with the volume Knob is hardware based.

Does your volume knob function as mentioned, or is it (like I think) a fault of my unit?

Mine does the same. After the ffw there is a gap and after the gap it goes to rewind. It reminds me of the way the tape transport on the op-z works. So i think it is not a hardware thing.

Thanks for checking. That’s kinda weird, because it’s so hard to get to 4x in loop mode/ get to the fastest rewind. Especially if you want to make some “live action”.

Do you know, if this behavior was spotted before applying the update? Just curious.

Since the update. I experience a better control over the ffw and rew.
But i don’t know if that is real because i got the ob-4 just a few days before the update. But in my opinion , practice is needed before mastering the performance looping and stuttering.
But i am more focused on listening to the radio at 0.7 speed or when i’m in the mood. At 0.0 speed for ultimate doomcore.

this will be fixed in the next release (no eta as of now).