Field app doesn't have permission to open OP1 field

Just picked a OP-1 field and downloaded the field app for transfers etc…while my device is showing up in the app, my computer is telling me that the app doesnt have permission to open the OP-1.
Anyone had a similar thing?..I’ve checked the permissions on the app and they’re fine, but I obviously cant check persmissions on the op1 as its not showing up in my finder window.
My operating system is up to date…the only thing I wondering about is that I’m using an usb-c to usb-a adaptor, as my laptop doesn’t have usb-c. I don’t think it should matter but maybe someone has some more insight?
Thanks in advance.

All sorted now.

I have this issue, what did you do to resolve it?

Sorted: I had to go to Full Disc Access in system settings and add the Field Kit app…

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