Field Aurora | Sound Pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

Hi folks,

Got some new OP-1 Field sounds available at my Gumroad Page for the ones interested.

Also released a new album where all melodic content is made using the Aurora sound pack.

Thanks for listening and checking it out. Cheers!


Thanks, liked your other packs a lot so I’ll definitely check this one out later today.


Thanks a lot for the support! I am glad you are enjoying these packs. Love all your groovebox work as well!

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dude yeah your packs are amazing - loving the fantasty pack at the moment. will def check this new one out soon

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Purchased! These are a nice compliment to the more ambient focused precious packs you released.

I’m so fried on prepping my own samples for every piece of gear I buy, it’s nice letting someone else do the heavy lifting and still liking the results. Keep it up!

(I’d love to see a pack with more aggressive/heavy synth sounds and drum sounds FWIW)

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Thanks for the heads up and kind words!
I’ve taken note regarding the more heavy drum/synth sound request :wink:

Instant buy, thank you!

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Thank you for the support!