Field Bag (Designer) Alternatives

First time posting so apologies if this is in the wrong spot or wrong format. Long time OP-1 and OP-Z user here…

Just received the new TX-6 and OP-1 Field and have found some nice alternatives to the TE field bags…

The TX-6 bags are by TOPO DESIGNS… not specifically made for TE gear but kind of have a nice Russian doll effect
High quality and lots of materials to choose from

The OP-1 case is by New York design company BOWOO and I’ve had it since my original OP-1. It’s really really nice and has high quality Wool Felt on the inside…

In my opinion these are more practical than the current TE offerings but still are very stylish and designer oriented.

Happy to answer any questions unless you’re asking why I sold my kidney to buy all this stuff, In which case I’ll give you the same answer I gave my girlfriend, now ex girlfriend


Why you take these pics in a darkroom? Jk, thx for the recommendations. I’m def grabbing that OP-1 Case, the TE field case for the TX-6 seems fine for my needs.

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Link to that OP-1 case, along with photos where you can actually see what it looks like:


Haha mate I honestly don’t know. The photos look horrible. There goes my photography career then…

Here’s the link to the accessory pouches. They have a bunch.

I’ve found that, in general, if you search for “EDC bags” you can find some really nice cases and carry systems for music bits and bobs like cables, adapters and small TE things.

Thanks mate

Do you have the TX-6 case? That looks great but I’ve heard people saying it doesn’t fit? Do you have im any problems with it?

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This soft case from MeMe Antenna looks really good to me (especially for being only $39.99, which is less than half the cost of the TE field bag WITHOUT the strap). Read some good reviews on this forum from a while back. I’m thinking the op-1 field with a decksaver would fit on here pretty well too. Just ordered one, so I can let you all know how everything fits when I get it all.

[MeMe Antenna] (Soft Carrying Case for OP-1 Black - MMGB004BK21 – MeMe Antenna)

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Fits perfectly, the one reviewer who mentioned it didn’t fit in the video got a faulty unit and was refunded by TE. The one I have is not too snug and fits the cable adapter in the front pouch just fine!

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Ok nice I think I’ll grab one then. Cheers mate

Oh mate this actually looks quite nice. Not sure about if it will fit the OPfield though? Are they the exact same dimensions? It feels
Like my opfield is slightly longer than the og

So it fits correctly the OP-1 field?

I’m not sure how well it will fit the field. The field is slightly longer if you include the power switch, but the inner foam looks soft enough to accomadate. We’ll see though! I will post my experiment results

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just a heads up, the pelican 1010 fits the TX-6 perfectly. I am going to make a felt pouch for cables that can fit inside the lid and provide some cushioning. This is the older model w/ out the scalloped interior.

The new version seems to fit it even better.
(via Sean_Cullen on the lines forum)

Also… the original Unit Portables accessory bag that came w/ the OP-1 case also is a perfect fit.


The Pelican case works great, managed to find this little bag that fits a few cables and sits nicely in the lid.


Seeing this makes me realize how tiny it is!

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made for it! It’s really perfect.

The dense sponge on the front of this case seems to protect the small knob from strong impact. Thanks for the recommendation!


Any update on the fit of the meme antenna case for the op-1 field?

i have not tried it, but a friend picked one up and said that this little add on makes the field fit the og-1 black case.


I should not have offered it to the buyer of my OG :sob:

It fits. The power switch sits on the side padding a bit, and may have the potential to flip it on, but I haven’t experienced that yet!

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