Field Cassette | Sound Pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

Hello everybody. I’ve just released Field Cassette. Field Cassette is a sound pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field available at Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Sound Pack | Field Cassette

Featuring 3 multi-sampled drum kits, 12 multi-sampled vintage instruments like the Orchestron, Mellotron, Pianos, Rhodes in stereo which you can load using a drum (sampler) channel and 35 single-sampled instruments which you can load using a synth (sampler) channel for a total of 50 sounds!

Field Cassette contains various sampled sounds with a focus on Cassette Tape recordings with a lot of character, typical imperfections and background noises for that atmospheric and nostalgic sound.

As usual all the Patches are crafted with great care.
Below a little jam I did using only sounds of the Field Cassette Sound Pack which I hope you’ll enjoy.


I bought these untested based on your other packs. Finally got a chance to preview tonight, and these are great too!! Love the pads.

Nice work.


Thanks a lot for the support and I am glad you are enjoying the sound packs :slight_smile:

Below another little jam using sounds of the Field Cassette sound pack

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Also please check out this amazing piece of music by @circuitghost made with this sound pack


:heart: :pray:

Thank you for saying.

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