Field Fantasy | Sound Pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

Hi all, I just released Field Fantasy. Another sound / sample pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field which is available at Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Sound Pack | Field Fantasy

Featuring 35 stereo multi-sampled classical instruments like pianos, harpsichord, harps, flutes, strings, guitars, percussions, marimba, toy boxes, vibraphone, xylophone and many more sounds which you can load using a drum (sampler) channel. Also included are 15 single-sampled instruments which you can load using a synth (sampler) channel for a total of 50 sounds!

Field Fantasy contains various sampled sounds with a focus on classical instruments for use in for example classical, cinematic, game and fantasy rich musical melodic compositions.

As usual all the Patches are crafted with great care!

Here is a simple interlude made with the OP-1 Field using only some sounds of the Field Fantasy sound pack which I hope you’ll enjoy. Cheers and thanks for the support!