Field Modulation | Sound Pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

Hi again, I just released Field Modulation. Another unique sound / sample pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field which is available at Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Sound Pack | Field Modulation

Featuring 4 multi-sampled piano instruments which you can load using a drum (sampler) channel and 55 single-sampled instruments which you can load using a synth (sampler) channel for a total of 59 sounds!

Field Modulation contains various sampled sounds with a focus on early / vintage digital synthesizers like the Yamaha DX FM synthesizers, early samplers and romplers combined with modern effects for that nostalgic, but also fresh sound.

All Patches are crafted with great care using (multi) samples of my personal sample library so these are not just simple presets, but custom sounds.

Here is a simple patch play through which I hope you’ll enjoy. Cheers!

Ps. Make sure to check out my other OP-1 Field sound pack ‘Field Broadcast’ as well


Purchased! Loved your previous OP-1f pack and this one sounds great as well; I’m looking forward to fooling around with it!


Thanks for the support! Much appreciated and I hope you’ll enjoy these sounds too :wink:


Purchased too. Congrats for the hard work :fire:
Next time some drums would be awesome as well

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Thanks a lot!

Noted! If I make another sound pack for the OP-1 Field I will include drums too :wink:



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Another beautiful pack, great work!

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Thanks a lot! I am glad you like it :slight_smile:

Would this work for OP-Z?

The ‘drum’ samples are not backwards compatible with the OP-1/OP-Z, but the ‘synth’ samples will import, however they will get converted to mono obviously and will loose most if not all of the sample/adsr/effect/lfo settings so I advise against it for now.

I am also slowly working on a OP-1 OG sound pack and those samples will be compatible with the Z :wink:

I also have 2 sound packs for the OP-Z already available, but I guess you already know?


Very nice!

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This is great, thanks so much. I picked up your other pack and will get this one too. Lovely sounds!

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I am glad you like the sounds! Thanks a lot for the support which is much appreciated :slight_smile: