Field QC poll over at Reddit. Would be interesting if more people voted


early results show 1 in 4 fields are being returned and more than half have some QC issues

full disclosure: its not my poll and my field has no issues up to now it is 100% lovable.

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Of people replying to a Reddit survey. I bet the real proportion is way lower.


Yes, there are hundreds and hundreds of OP-1 users who are not active here nor on the OP1 subreddits.


unless you can think of a reason why “people active on OPForum or OP1subreddit” would A) be more likely to receive Fields with QC issues or B) be more likely to be whiny bitches than the general population of Field buyers, then I dont see why the poll could not be considered a representative sample lol.

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now its 1 in 3 is being returned, and fully 2/3 have at least some QC issue.

Because the folks with issues will more typically look toward other forums and join and post, versus folks who received the unit and are happy, who would be unlikely to join or participate in a poll (if they don’t already) to show their unit is fully functioning. We could speculate all day, but that’s my two cents.