Field Rhythm | Sound Pack for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field / OG-1 and Z

Field Rhythm is a sound pack featuring 50 multi-sampled drum kits for the OP-1 Field. As a bonus 25 of these kits are made compatible with the OG-1 and OP-Z as well available at Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Sound Pack | Field Rhythm

Featuring more than a 1000 sounds in total with samples from classic vintage/obscure drummachines to modern stereo kicks, snares toms, other percussion sounds and even sliced breakbeats.

Many analog as well as digital drums available for use in many different styles of music.

Most of the kits are interchangable with each other and are sorted in a ‘cycle of 4’ bringing many happy accidents while using a (endless) sequencer and changing kits while playing.

Thanks for the support and enjoy!


Sounds great. I’d get these if I’d ever become comfortable with drums on the Field, which I haven’t yet. Sequencing them is so awkward and editing is minimal, compared to even a basic step sequencer.

But this pack sounds great, just like the ones before :slight_smile:

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What about programming them in Pattern sequencer? That’s what I’ve normally done, then held shift and hit the note to start recording to tape in perfect time.

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You can probably use every sequencer available for programming these drums or play them by hand without sequencing.

I think with the amount of drumsounds to choose from it should give everyone interested in drum sounds something to their liking :wink:

You know, I think it’s mostly because I just don’t use drum sounds at all these days. Come to think of it.

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@rephazer i just need to say thank you. Thank you so much. I was in a slump with my OP-1 and was having a hard time feeling inspired with it. I bought 3 of your sound packs and it feels like a brand new instrument. I’m excited as I was the first day I got it. @teenage_engineering should put these on their websites and pay you. Thank you! <3


Thank you so much for the kind words! That’s really much appreciated and I am happy the sounds are giving you inspiration.

Comments like yours are keeping me going

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