Field to logic time matchup

Hey guys, need some help

I recorded a bunch of stuff on the field at -2 and -4 time to some “0” time drum loops that sounded much better at the aforementioned slowed times.

Now I’ve dumped it all into Logic Pro x and I’d like to slow it down to the speed I’ve recorded it at on the field. How do I go about doing this? Sorry I am a total logic nincompoop. Thanks a bunch in advance.


in the logic preferences you can toggle on „advanced settings“. Once you did it, you head over to the timecode-window on the main transport bar and there right-click somewhere in the empty space next to the the TC window. There you can choose to customize the toolbar and TC features. In the popup menu, you check „varispeed“ and click ok.
Now in the TC-window you see the new „varispeed“ popped up, set to 0,00% . Click on this, and choose „speed and pitch“ to get the same behavior like OP1 does. in order to get your speed needed, you could go by percentage or simply by ear to match the pitch like on your tape.

Varispeed in general also lets you change the pitch and speed either independent from the other, opposed to like op1 does. However, choosing just one behavior either speed or pitch, will result in a loss in quality, but using them together will preserve the sound without a decrease.

Changes in varispeed is a global thing and will affect your whole project. So If you plan to use the sound of -4 and -2 in the same project, so that both run the same bpm, you could just again bounce the „varispeeded“-sections as wav files and then load them back in into a Project with varispeed at 0% (for the case you recorded the drum loops in OP1 at the same tempo to -4 and -2 accordingly).

But then, also you could simply hook up OP-1 as audio interface in logic, and then straight record the audio with all its OP1-settings as you please to a regular logic project, one take/track in -4 and the other in -2.
All without that varispeed stuff. The advantage here is, that you preserve all the effects compression , eq etc. like you tweaked it. Going the route to drag the files into logic only gives you the clean stems without any effects post-recording.

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Thanks a ton for the response. I will try out the varispeed. Yes it’s more to edit a project using Logic, much as
I loathe doing it. The editing is just too tedious to do on the field. So I’ll need to slow the entire project down in logic by -2 or in some cases -4 steps.

u could also record it over as it sounds from the op1 itself