file transfer / OP-1 will not show up on desktop

Hi there, I try to bring some samples from my computer (Mac Pro, El Capitan) onto my OP-1. Made the connection via USB, but the device doesn’t show up on the desktop, I do as explained in the manual (press Shift and Com, select disk mode - but nothing happens). The OP-1 will not show up on my desktop.

Any help’s appreciated!

Do you have your Mac set so that every other USB disk shows up on the desktop? Can you see it in Finder? Or possibly using Disk Utility?

Thanks for your prompt reply. All other USB devices show up on desktop. I can’t see it in finder.

I thought maybe it’s because I have an older software version on the OP-1 but the newest Mac OS. But I can’t update to the newest software version of OP-1 when it’s not connecting with my computer…

BUT: problems solved:-) It was the cable. The USB cable I used actually worked for loading but not for file transfer. I changed the cable, now it’s working.

Thanks anyway!

Great! Checking the cable is always a good test :slight_smile:

Just for the future, though. There wouldn’t be an incompatibility between OP-1 old software and new Mac software. They would never know about each other. The only time it would come into play is if they were years or more apart and then would be completely incompatible, not just software incompatible.

I just ran into the same problem. Tried two separate USB cables, both the best I have. No luck. 2015 laptop with El Capitan. hmmmmmm

I just ran into the same problem. Tried two separate USB cables, both the best I have. No luck. 2015 laptop with El Capitan. hmmmmmm

restarted, tried different ports, different cables, no luck. os version changed nothing. turns out the connectors on the usb ports are thinner in this laptop, so I had to press on the flat side of the usb connector on the cable, so it makes better contact. hope this helps someone.

Here’s what happened to me: My OP-1 got stucked (knobs were not working) and after few secs later it turned off. I first couldn’t connect it to my MacPro13’(2012edition) OSX(10.10.5). Strange thing that happened when i couldn’t connect it was that my mac got frozen on both keyboard and touchpad - I reloaded the software: but still no luck - mac can’t see device - I can’t install new software (from 218 to 225). I reloaded the software again and again (yee twice), and FULLY charged it even tho i supposed that the USB cable is not working properly. IT WORKED! So that was: restart soft, restart soft again, fully decharge, fully charge, connect to mac/pc (com+turn-on), install new soft.

Mine takes a few minutes (around 4 or 5) before it shows up on my Mac Sierra. I thought it wasn’t working as well, but then just left it and it finally showed up.

I cannot find any way of displaying the op1 field files on my mac.The cable is definitely a data transfer cable. I have successfully updated the firmware, but I want to transfer some samples. I have done this successfully in the past by holding COM while turning the OP1 on, but that doesn’t work now.
I have opened the field kit, and shift+COM, and MTP,
and waited five minutes, but nothing appears on my desktop, and I want to transfer some samples from the mac. Both devices are fully up to date.I have also displayed all hidden files.

i think that all apple devices do not support MTP
on mac i think u can use a program called “android file transfer”
or something like that to access the disk via MTP

there is also a regular disk mode that u can use but it does not give u access to all the folders