Finding zero crossing for looping samples?

Is it possible to find zero crossings when editing samples, for loop points for example? I find it a bit hard to make clickless loops.

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try playing with the envelope

Sure, thanks for the advice, but I would prefer to be able to set loop points in zero crossings.

Also, if I would like to have a really long pad going, looping several times during the sustain part of the envelope. If the loop click during that part, there is no envelope settings that would eliminate that apart from making the pad shorter without loops.

So, I really appreciate your tips, but it doesn’t solve some cases.

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If such tool was available, the sampling engine could be used for wavetable synthesis

In the sample mode I temporarily turn the pitch way up, so the sample loops rapidly, and then I delicately adjust the loop points until I find a setting with the least (or softest) clicking. I then tune the pitch back to normal. It is a bit fiddly, but it works.


you can also eliminate the clicking if you perform a „ghost rec“ which means to record „nothing“ over the clicky part and it‘ll wipe out the clicks.

What? How? And wouldn’t you end up an interruption of silence instead? And let’s say it’s chord from the highest octave that loops several times, how do you time the recordings? The loop will be happenig at different times for each note. I really don’t get what you mean and it doesn’t seem like an easy workaround.

But please explain, I’m curious what you mean!

oh boy, I thought it was Op1 related :sweat_smile:

Ha! I did too! I didn’t realize he was talking about the OP-Z. I was about to offer my two cents.

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I’m decent at looping by ear from the old Emax II days (no waveform visible).

However, sometimes you have to edit your sounds externally no matter what with Audacity or some other graphical sample editor. The other advantage there is you have so many extra things you can do to samples while they are in the editor that the OP-Z could never do.

I try to do a lot of edits onboard the OP-Z since I’m often out and about, but the tricky ones I save for the computer editor apps.
Another alternative is to carry a battery/wireless hub from Amazon with an iOS app - you can quickly backup OP-Z or OP-1 files to the iPhone or iPad in disk mode and use one of the good visual audio editors there as well, then use the app to send the files back to OP-Z in disk mode.

Sounds crazy but I’ve been doing it for years with my different hubs and my OP-1, and haven’t needed to do it yet with the OP-Z.

Good idea

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Good tips @SynthAddict, thanks!

Which iOS audio editors would you recommend?

There are tons, but my favorite so far is Hokusai.

  • Hokusai Audio Editor
  • TwistedWave Audio Editor
  • WavePad Music and Audio Editor
  • Audio Editor Tool Plus
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audioshare is nice too

Auditor is another one. And as of iOS 13 you don’t need a wireless hub. You can just plug your OP-Z drive into the USB port (iPad pro) or lightning port (with the Camera Connection Kit).

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