Finger Squencer Question

I’m trying to get to grips with the finger sequencer but finding it a bit frustrating, is there a way to have it playing back, and try things out over the top of it, without recording into it?

The keyboard is used to control which pattern the Finger sequencer is currently playing. So you could record your sense to the tape, then playback the tape while you play something else over the top.

use lift and drop
lift copies the pattern/sequence and stores it in memory until u lift again

so u can just continually drop the original pattern over and over
or jump to a new pattern slot and drop that original pattern down

Thanks it sounds like there are work arounds but not exactly what I was hoping. (That you might be able to hold a down button other than shift that would left you play around before you went to record) I find the OP1 sequencers good to experiment with, but very hard to create anything musical with.