Fingers synth sequencer chords?

has anyone tried to input chords into the fingers sequencer on the op-1 field? i notice that i can input single notes or diads (2 notes at once) but not 3 or more notes. i thought i remembered at some point inputting 3 or more notes per step in the fingers sequencer but i cannot remember for sure. thanks!

finger has always been 2 notes per step afaik


ah well actually if u use the join feature
u should be able to get 2 separate sequences each playing 2 notes per step at the same time
which would mean u could get 4 notes per step max that way

endless is also good for sequencing chords


thanks a lot for both your previous message confirming im not going crazy as well as this subsequent suggestion which is super clever. that said i think you are right that the endless is more what i should be using. i was able to get the effect i wanted with it!

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