Finished my second album fully created and processed on the OP-1

Hey there,

I had a lot of fun making my first album on the OP-1, so I decided to make another - albeit better than the last (hopefully). Made in just under a month, this album was made, like the last, entirely on the OP-1 and recorded to album, with the .aif files pulled from the device and straight onto Bandcamp. The second half of the album is better than the first (as the song list is chronological). I hope you enjoy listening to it - if you do, it's free to download!

Congrats !
I’m listening to it and really like it.
Thank you for sharing :wink:

Thank you, I’m glad to hear it!

This is so perfect to listen to while I’m at work. Thanks for making such sweet sounds! I’m brand new to the OP-1 and still trying to figure it out but things like this really inspire to keep learning how to use it.

Very inspiring!

I really like it! This serves as an excellent OP-1 showcase.

Many thanks for all the kind comments! They definitely help to stay motivated, and I hope to be working on something new soon enough.

Sounds great!

Nice music! Made on OP-1 only or you used of course DAW to record it in the end, I mean, I did one song completely on iPad app called SunVox, but I just got PO-1 and have no idea how to use it and you music sound nice and beautiful.

Thanks guys! Didn’t need to use a DAW because I used the album mode on the OP-1 and recorded all the songs there. It creates the audio files which can then be uploaded. Have you gone through the OP-1 guide yet? If it’s not your thing then feel free to ask questions here on the forum :slight_smile: