Firmware 1.4.7 is available

  • fix rare velocity bug with silent notes if playing 5 or more keys
  • fix noise when using certain targets with midi lfo
  • fix noise with recording via rec armed (out-in only)
  • fix dr.wave visual bug
  • fix dbox ui (black keys displayed wrong)

I guess……

C’mon, TE…we need more! Fx should start at zero. It would be nice to press down an encoder and turn knob to not hear fx as you scroll through them. ( if the start at zero, no need for this pressing down technique), volume should be exactly the same as what you recorded ( within the op1 field); my drums alway lose dynamic range and volume…a bit but noticeable. And to play live like that is a NO thanks for me. Which is the reason I got this unit. There is plenty more it needs and I believe they should make it happen at the price it costs.


I appreciate the bug fix updates. Thank you TE!