First experiments with photomatic

Prepared pics and sequenced with the opz
Still trying to figure out what the performance buttons do but i hit a ton

Welcome aboard good sir. Glad to see you and your work here. :pray:t3:

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Thanks bro!

Thx for posting.

Any chance you can give us a little more info on your process? Did you have any issues getting your images aligned in the frame? How did you cut out the Photomatic frame numbers? What program did you use to blend the two videos? Any lessons learned?

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Hey, no issues with the alignment because i wasn’t really going for anything too strict/planned. I prepared the pics and sequenced etc and when i brought them into my video editor i just cropped out the number and crap at the bottom. I use lumafusion (on the ipad) and just layered the photomatic screen grab on the overhead shot and made it semi-transparent.

Thx for the additional info. Always good to hear how someone else is tackling workflow on something as new and quirky as Photomatic.

Well, as i said in my other post, it no longer works for me. I spent a good 30 minites last night trying with both my ipad and iphone, restarting, relinking, etc. Switiching midi off and adding it back etc. Nothing. So frustrating. Filter changes are sequenced, picture won’t change. Will try tonight again.

It looks really nice!

I don’t see any trace whatsoever of the numbers in your video. Does Lumafusion insert the piece missing from the pics where the numbers originally crop it out?

Can this be done on iMovie app on iOS? I will only be using the pictures, no video on top of it