First full battery drain/charge

Abrupt battery death during jam. Plugged it in to charge and all the battery LEDs lit. Then nothing. 15 minutes later still the same. Normal?

Switched it on and off again. Now getting the LEDs doing their normal ‘charging’ thing. Weird they didn’t do that before I switched unit on and off? Seems OK now tho.

factory reset?

@masterofstuff you really think I need to? Battery is weird to say the least. When OP is switched off it seems to stop charging after a while. No LEDs. So I turned it on again and held ‘help’ button. Lights static at 3 LEDs worth of charge. Switched if off again, LEDs then did the "charging’ thing. Then LEDs stopped again after a while. Turned it back on and when I hold ‘help’ now it’s doing the ‘charging’ thing, but Red LED absent from the LED sequence. God knows what’s going on…

Welcome to the mystery of the charge indicator! Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, sometimes it just likes to mess with you.

Seriously, probably nothing to worry about, had same thing happen a few times, always works again after a bit.

I think the charging works ok, it is the LED indicators that play up from time to time.