FM Soundscapes with OP-1 and Monomachine

I've spent some of recent days learning about FM synthesis beyond just that it means "frequency mod" and learning what that means for my two favorite synths at the moment: the OP-1 and the Monomachine, both of which have FM (but are not DX7 clones, to my delight; but nor are they just audio-rate-LFOs). I even spent some time this morning trying to create the same sound with both units and got fairly close!

I've also been having fun with using the MIDI LFO on the OP-1 so I can sequence it with the Monomachine and take advantage of things like parameter locking, and then running the OP-1 through the MM for some additional processing to create some atmospheric textures for possible future full tracks. This is the result of some of that.

Some really lovely and and a bit spooky textures.

Crazy sounds! I like it