FM Transmitter

Anyone else finding this almost useless?
I have tried to get it sending to my OB-4 but unless it is directly against the OB-4 there is poor reception.
Any way to boost the signal?

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hmmmm mine works great with my OB-4 no problem, very good clean signal. unfortunately sounds like there’s maybe a problem in your hardware?

That’s disappointing to hear, but I’m thinking it likely comes down to FCC regulations on signal broadcasting.

Edit: oh no

Tried mine here in UK trying to connect to both mine and my friends car radio. My findings were the same: Almost useless! it was limited frequency bandwidth. Noisy and poor signal volume.

Perhaps its because we were inside the car and the areal is on top?

ill try it when im outside the car and let you know

Are you using the antenna on ob-4?
How far apart can you have the devices before you hear degradation ?
What frequency are you choosing?

no antenna on the OB-4, not even sure where it is now that you mention it. just using the field from across the room… maybe a normal sized living room? its really cool even though its a short distance, no latency as far as i can tell. i tried a bunch of different frequencies when i was testing it. i’m in stockholm. there’s a fair amount of channels i have to avoid so i don’t pick up a commercial broadcast but all up and down the dial i could connect very well.


I found that, similar to the Original OP1, OP1 Field FM transmission and reception works a lot better with a pair of apple head phones plugged into the REC IN adjusted like antennae.

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there can’t be latency with FM, it’s analogue


hahaha well sure, i guess we’re not talking about sending FM to the moon and back or anything here!

ok just had the field playing crystal clear through the car speakers while in the car. I had the M1 plugged into the out as an antenna. works like a charm!


I am having a really noisy signal when broadcasting to my Teufel 3sixty. It’s useless. I need to literally make physical contact with the radio - and even then there’s still some constant and really annoying noise (also I need to crank up the radio‘s volume more than I would ever need normally…). If I tilt the Field the noises are even louder…, Is my unit working correctly? It would be hard to believe, if it was meant to „work“ this poorly. It’s a joykiller…
How’s everyone’s experience til now? Grateful for any opinions and reports!


almost any kind of cable will help here. The antenna might generate a more stable signal, though