Forgot about OP-1?

Any updates for the OP-1 not the girls
But the original one. I really dislike brands that do this. Make a new version when there’s unfinished updates that were still needed for the original. At least IPhones still give updates across the whole board of there products.

What kind of updates are you looking for on an 11 year old device? Even Apple has a cut off for updates to their last devices.

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Capitalism man.
It’s not bad anyway. As mentioned, 11 years time span between two models is fair.
I’d focus on what you can do with your OP1 instaed of wondering about missing features from the new one.


probably, the new features you see on the Field require the (significantly) more powerful hardware… so I don’t necessarily think features are being held back.

Honestly, the main thing I wish that was added was the ability to name your own sounds instead of having to transfer to a computer etc. That’s the pits. Apart from that, I totally understand why they can’t update to the latest reverb etc. The processor would be close to maxed out. I’d be more than happy for TE to get rid of the lame hidden game that no one uses and implement the naming ability in its place.

The OG OP-1 still rocks.


If all TE ever added to the original OP-1 was the ability to keep looping samples after a key is released I would be happy.

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A quantize function would’ve been nice and an option to mod the speaker. How do they stop updates at #246 not even #250