Forum bug?

Hi Guys,

I seem to be getting a bug where when i look at some threads i get automatically logged out and attempts to log in fail saying i have the wrong password. Returning to the homepage seems to log me back in.

only happens for some threads and never happened before, but thought i would mention it

i get this too sometimes. it usually goes away. honestly i thought it was the super old browser that my work still uses

a firewall at your work can cause it, too.

I get it too I have not updated to the new version because I have been busy and I am nervious I might rush it…

Weird. Try deleting your cookies for the domain? This has never happened to me.

Thanks guys,

It seems to have stopped for the moment. Im using the forum from home so should be no problems with firewalls, if it come back i’ll try deleting cookies, cheers for the suggestion!