Forum Registration

Hello chaps

Could someone be kind enough to remind me here or in PM what needs to be entered to register "as a human" for the forum please? Someone over on Elektronauts is looking to register and between us we can't work it out! I'm sure it is something like "Teenage Engineering OP-1" or there abouts...


I guess it’s OP1, isn’t it ?

Thats what I thought at first! But didn’t seem to work for the guy.

Maybe Operator 1 ?

I guess it's OP1, isn't it ?

+1 Haha I probably spent 5-10 minutes trying everything I could think of. And don’t forget to fill in the captcha each time you write the wrong answer

Haha I shouldn’t laugh but easily amused how plenty of us probably all went through the same 15 minutes of trial and error but no one can remember!

I got in! Finally… It’s case sensitive - ‘OP1’…fist thing I tried was’ op1’!!.. but lower case. obvious when you think about it but after already doing the number captcha I thought it was just a casual last gate check and didn’t use capitals in the endless combos I was trying :confused:

Anyway, hey people, good to be here :slight_smile:

Op-1 arrives tomorrow after talking myself out of grabbing one for years :slight_smile: and I hear a new OS is round the corner, nice timing!

Wait, updates do enjoy corners and might stay there a little while longer :smiley: