Found new method to fix loose / popping encoder dials with bike grease / lube (non-destructive)

I got a new OP-Z and immediately frustrated by the popping issue from the dials. From close inspection, it seems like there is a thin gap between the base of the dial (plastic) against the bearing (metal). As someone who has built many bikes before, this seems to be perfect situation to use the PPL-1 parktool lube as it is designed as a corrosive & water resistant grease like compound to seal small gaps. thought the name is a “lube”, the lube effect doesn’t really kick in as the bearing is so lightweight so it demostrates more of a grease effect. So basically apply to your finger tip, lightly dress the plastic piece, and when plus the dials right in, they will sit snug and never popup again, plus now that particular part is water resistant! :slight_smile:

Compare to the tape method, the main advantage is the lube fills itself into place that has biggest micro-gaps, doesn’t cause additional friction, and doesn’t require cutting. It’s also easy to re-apply them, or clean them if you don’t want them anymore. Compare to the glue method, it is obviously way more superior as the grease doesn’t glue anything together and doesnt corrode plastic and metal.

I hope this helps others that had the same issue.


Before picture

After picture


seems ace, and hopefully TE will implement this technique into their op-z production line.

As someone with multiple tubes of PPL in my garage, I support this post :+1:t3:

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Nobody I don’t think ever recommended glue . Electronic silicon adhesive is not actually glue or even really sticky, it is just what you use on electronics… but it does the same thing and either is better then using plumbers tape I think.

Park tool to the rescue ! Mines are starting to pop out !

Calvin, my man!

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