Free Ableton OP-Z template for recording / sending MIDI data and using Ableton Push

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to share this Ableton session template I created that allows you to send and record MIDI to and from the OP-Z. It also has some custom drum racks that I mapped out for OP-Z tracks 1-4 that allow you to use Ableton Push to play notes and drums on each track. I hope this is helpful to people here.

Link to Ableton + OP-Z session file template.

I also created a couple of YouTube videos to explain how to use it.
Here’s a video on how to record your tracks from the OP-Z into Ableton Live

Another video that explains how to control the OP-Z from Ableton

For this to work, you will need to make sure to have tracks 1-8 on the OP-Z mapped to MIDI channels in sequence as 1-8.


Many thanks, this sounds awesome!

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This is dope!! Thank you!

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Cool. My Opz wount send midi on channel 6 and 8. The tracks are not muted, anyone knows why?

Works fine for me.
Maybe double check that you have the OP-Z tracks using these same midi channels 6 and 8?

Aside from that, make sure your ableton tracks are set to listen for midi on those tracks.

Im waiting for a Template which has also mapped the Midi CC values of OP-Z inside,
particurarely with Ableton Push user mode. This was also helpful ofcourse!

why wait?
u could be the one to make it happen! :slight_smile:


Im trying to ofcourse! The only way seems to be with Max for Live :slight_smile:
Also a Control Surface for Push could be interesting.