Free Download: "4 Track Funk Tapes Volume 1"

Hi, thought you might like to hear my new free EP that I’ve just completed. It wasn’t originally for public consumption, hence why it might sound a tad rough around the edges. It was originally made exclusively for a friend (whose young son supplied the artwork) but I had a fun time doing it, so I thought I’d make it public.
It’s created entirely via the OP-1 using only external samples. The lead synth is a sampled Volca Bass.

Hope you like it!

Nice little raw samples in here. Me like !
Diggin’ the Pucho sample ! I love the original - such a classic gem !
Check out Mindless Dudes’ “Music For Your Soul” for something in the same vein - or at least trying to.

Will do… Thanks man!

Cool stuff! Still remember your song with the breakdance video and Ultra-samples… I like sampling with the OP-1 as well, very easy.

Ha! Nice that you remember that one, simple but really fun to make…
And yeah, I’ve never really been into sampling before, but it’s just so intuitive with the OP-1…