free max4live devices // JUMANJI ∞ NOISE M4L

heyyoo for all u ableton users. heres 2 max 4 live devices i made for myself over the last 2 days while smoking some weed and lots of cigarettes.

JUMANJI is a glitcher device of many different flavors (greenwood stutter madness, delay icee freeze, boss hold mode, tape stop)

w/ some extra bells and whistles.
pitch shifting random sample buffers, digital explosions. LOFIIIIIIIIIII

NOISE is a pink & white noise generator w/ LFO filter sweep,
Master Pitch Shifter, SRR and BITR, and drive. make that tasty noise. combine it w/ your existing audio.
run w/ it thru the JUMANJI jungle. all is right in the universe.

i tried to tame the controls while giving the user some extra room to blow it out, but please be careful as shit can get loud in a hurry sometimes.
everything that can be, can be tempo synced to Live’s bpm. and mapped within Live as well.

theres no user guide (atm) so experiment away!
there is some <marquee direction=“loop=”-1"" scrollamount=“4” width=“100%” style=“margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-family: ‘Lucida Grande’, ‘Trebuchet MS’, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 18.200000762939453px;”>coolfunctionality underneath that may not be obvious at first. otherwise its pretty easy to mess w/

a couple notes,
sometimes when u load jumanji, freeze (icee) is maybe sometimes engaged right away (even tho the button is off) so u may only hear glitchy sounds or no sound. just hit the ICEE button on and off and all should be right.

and also if the boss style HOLD mode isn’t working properly just hit the lil R button to reset the whole thing. sometimes the counter is off. in fact if u ever get stuck, hitting R is a good choice.

thanks & hope someone enjoys! max is fun