FREE OpLab case giveaway!

Hi All,

I am giving away a free OpLab case.
That’s right: I will give this to someone for free.
I might even ship it for free (if it’s in the US)…

Here is the story:
I bought mine from TE, but I noticed that the labels were printed slightly off (see pictures below). I emailed TE, and they agreed that this was a mistake, and promised to send me a replacement. It just arrived, and now I have two of those!
So, you get the one with the somewhat misprinted labels, I keep the new one.
The case, of course works just fine.

Anybody has an idea who the lucky recepient should be?
I would like this to somehow contribute to the growth of this community, and in a way, an expression of my gratitude for all the good camaraderie here.

Here are the pictures:

New one:

And the closeup of the labels on the one you will get:


That’s a really nice thing for you to do! I don’t know anyone on here well enough to nominate them, but i hope it goes to a good home.

I hope so too… :slight_smile:

I vote krism!

Cool, @dimi3

is KrisM looking for one?
anybody else?
maybe nobody is interested in a free OpLab case?

i am interesting . but i live in Argentina . thank you !

not sure @piotr, @KrisM would you need an OPLab case?

everyone This guy has done A LOT for this site!

lol thanks @dimi3. i must have missed this, i got married over the weekend and was pretty busy >.>

i do have a naked Oplab, and while I’d be honored to get it (normally my OCD would twitch at the markings lol, but in this case it’d serve as a reminder of this community and where it came from), if someone else is in a more needy situation I’d be glad for them to have it.

…this is awesome!

Congrats on getting married @KrisM!

There you go, a wedding gift for KrisM. Congratulations!

Yeah, I like the idea of a wedding gift from @piotr and the rest of us. Hope your partner likes it too. =)

Congrats @KrisM!

Well,I think it is decided!
KrisM, can you PM me your address?
:slight_smile: @KrisM

aww <3

lol thanks guys…

So good.

+2 awwww hahaaha

+1 for the wedding gift - Congrats @KrisM !

I PMd KrisM for address, but I think he is “out of town” or some such shenanigans.
It will go out to him as soon as he sends me his address… :slight_smile:

Perhaps he’s not yet left the marital bed.