Free space

Hi, I’m new with op 1… I would like to know how to see the free space after loading sounds…THANKS BIG HUGS.

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First of I don’t own the OG. But my understanding is that both the OG1 and the OP1f are quite the same regarding operations.

If you wanna free space on your machine, the only way I can think of is to offload your reel into your computer. That way, you get free storage back into the OP1 and you can further mix and edit your song in a DAW.
At this point, I find it useful to point out that you might still need a computer - that is, if you have any Apple device with you. The FieldKit app is required to transfer files since macOS don’t take the MTP protocol in charge by itself. And I don’t remember seeing the FieldKit app available for iOS or iPad OS so far. I’m guessing it kinda works the same on both the OG and the OP1f.