Free Videopak Template - GIF Looper

It’s “kinda” like Photomatic for GIF/Loops. Import 14 GIF/Spritesheets and export your videopak.

Download Here:

OK, here’s my first shot at providing a template project for everyone to start making videopaks easier. I’m not a great instructions writer, but I’ve done my best and I’m sure we’ll get better once we put this through the paces. The most basic way to understand this project is that it relies on 14 Spritesheets for the loops. If you replace the Spritesheets in the project Assets folder (they must be EXACTLY the same, size, name, sprites) then you can export a new videopak with the new loops. If you’re not at least a little familiar with Photoshop or image editing it might be pretty difficult. (But in my opinion it’s still WAY easier than learning the basics of Unity from scratch… like I did, what a beating.)

I’m providing this for free for personal use. If you can make some upgrades to this or see a better way to do things, fantastic! Maybe someone that knows how to use Github can keep track of different versions. If you create original videopaks with this template, we would LOVE to list them at synthpaks and give a percentage of any sales to you. I’d love to have an overwhelming resource for all types of Videopaks at some point! DM or use this thread for questions and I’ll do my best to help if I can. Hopefully at least some of you will find this useful and fun.


Could you provide an example of what the result will look like? :smiley: pretty interested in this

Sure! So, take a look at the first “Artist Series” videopak on

I created the template to import Naomi Olivers GIF/Glitch art Clips. You can see an example there.
Here’s another longer video with me testing it out with her GIFs.

Thanks for doing this! I am going to be playing with it all weekend. Is it compatible with the newly released android version of the op-z app?

So here’s the deal with the Android version. I noticed that they put a new Videolab version on the Github page that is supposed to export Android, however I tried it and it didn’t export any files. So if they get one up that works with this version of Unity, you should, in theory, be able to import the new videolab package into Unity and then when you export, it should include the Android version.


Thanks a lot this is meaningful work out here! I’m on andriod so I’ll have to wait a while before I can implment this but thanks!

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That is probably part of the reason the app for android is still “beta/early access”

You need to install the android build support module in unity hub

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Great info. I located it. We’ll see what happens!

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