Frekvens cassette player?

TE’s homepage showing off various 3d printer “hacks” for the Frekvens IKEA line shows in several official photos a cassette player cube that (at least I think) didn’t make it to production?

Here, pictured in the “casette [sic] player” configuration:

Again with “the designer”:

I doubt it’s functional. Still looks cool. It’s definitely missing from the download and the included instructions. I hope it’s a mistake and will be added. I am kinda surprised they don’t have a tray or stand made to fit an op-1 and/or an op-z.

I was guessing the photographs were taken at a pre-production stage that they hadn’t killed that unit from the ikea frekvens line yet.

These “hacks” seem like they wanted to release some of the accessories that IKEA passed on, especially since any combo involving a light block or the big subwoofer require the unit to be on wall AC power.

If we had gotten a battery powered build-your-own boombox that would have been killer.

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The sub uses the Eneby battery, so fully portable along with the speakers. I will check if it’s possible to power light blocks from the batteries with AC out.

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Maybe it’s a USB hub:

The cassette player is not operational. It’s a 3D print accessory. These units came and went quickly in all local Ikeas in southern CA. In-store purchases only - no online buying. They were under the impression they may get more shipments but not sure when or how many.

TE answered questions regarding the Cassette Player on Instagram. See second screenshot:

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