From effect backward to original source

hi, I’ve just bought an used OB-4 on ebay and I suddenly felt in love with her…

do you know if there is a way to come back quickly from the effect mode to the original source?

for example, I’m listening to the radio, then I keep pushed the “play” button and I enter in the effects mode (infinite logo on display)

If I’m not wrong, to come back to the radio I have two options:

  • while in the effect mode, keeping pushed the “input” button and reduce to zero the amount of effects by rotating counterclockwise the tape wheel

  • fast pushing three times the “input” button (line → BT → radio)

both of them are not the perfect solution; in the first one you get stuck in the effects mode,
in the second you must swap between line in mode and BT mode prior to reach radio mode…

I’d like a button combo that could bring me straight to radio mode… am I asking too much to our little OB-4? :crazy_face: