Frozen during defragmentation - yikes!

Hi guys,

I was experimenting with splitting an album file into left and right channels and tried replacing my op-1’s track_3.aif and track_4.aif files.

The op-1 identified that the track files had changed and tried to “copy” them. It got to 99% of track_3 (the first of the new files) and then froze. I left it for ages, but it just stayed frozen. So I switched off the op-1 and switched it back on again.

Then it started defragmenting, so I thought phew, it’ll sort itself out. But it got to 50% and now it’s frozen again with this message:

Defragmenting disk, do NOT turn off power!

Working 50%

Any ideas what I should do??

Isn’t there a format option in the boot menu? You may try that…

Ok, braved it… it just freaked me out how the message said “do NOT turn off power” and that’s exactly what I had to do to get to the boot menu!

Anyways, formatted it, and it’s up and running again. Cheers @punji.