FS Mixing Table OP-1 Stand - Price drop £55

Lovely quality stand with leather rest. Am sure you have seen the pictures. Am selling because I use

the OP-1 mainly out and about.

£80 inc p&p - UK

Save a couple of quid and the long waiting time

Updated with new price £55 and p&p

Bargain! As new


Your uk.
Which area are you ?
I’m Northwest

Im based in London

Ok a bit too far for a personal visit.
I’m a bit old school .

Ha…No worries

How much to the US?

Haven’t a clue!

I ordered mine from mixingtable.com. The price has gone up a little since I got mine at 59 euros plus 18 euros shipping. It’s a lovely, well built piece of furniture that is professionally made. He doesn’t make anything for my AIRA gear so Im thinking of designing and creating something. I’m in the US, btw.

is this still for sale? how much including postage to Texas?

Not worth the hassle. UK only

Hey Sir, is shipping to France big hassle too ?

Hey Sir, is shipping to France big hassle too ?

Sent you a pm