Full albums made entirely (or mostly) with the OP-1

I’ve been trying to find albums made entirely (or mostly) using the OP-1. I’ve searched these forums and found some amazing stuff from you all. Its all extremely impressive, actually.

Here’s the list:

I own an OP-1 so listening to these albums gives me all sorts of inspiration. I love recognizing the sound engines and pondering the sound design. I’m also impressed on the breadth of genres that has been explored using this one instrument.

I’d love to find some more albums made using entirely (or mostly) OP-1 - please share if you have any! I have a monster playlist on my music player now thanks to you all.

And keep on making! :slight_smile:


Not sure it qualifies as an album, but here is the only related collection of tracks I ever produced. It’s inspired by a horror game called SOMA, which has amazing sound design and a solid soundtrack of its own.

To be frank, using only OP-1 was probably a bad idea. For 95% of the sound design it worked great, but I should have used an external reverb as master FX. Spring FX cost me dearly in terms of perceived sound quality. On the positive side, this is sonic territory that lies very far away from anything I imagined possible with OP-1 when I first got it.

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Tom Furse (from the Horrors) released “Interludes” a few years ago.

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There’s a fantastic compilation called ‘Rumble When Bumble’, posted by Noorden on Bandcamp. It includes tracks made only on the OP-1.

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Listening to random tracks from above albums. Wow. There are some amazing specimen there. Thanks for compiling the list.

Thanks @Skotchi, @Gambler, @mrclean, I’ve added those to the list!

@Gambler, I totally agree with you. I do almost everything on the OP-1, but I almost always add the Big Sky at the output. The reverb adds so much and it also relieves the OP-1 filter so it can be used for something else.

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Probs a lot of candidates on digdugDIY.

Maybe @docshermsticks can fill in some blanks.

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here are two of my personal all OP1 albums
six minutes of tape

hope yall enjoy
some good tunes up in the OP for sure!

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Great list, @yakczar! I released an album called Quest Hymns in September of last year using just the OP-1:

I would say it’s hashtag electro, mostly


Here’s another I heard thanks to Small Ops:

There’s also a volume 2 of “Rumble When Bumble” which is really good too! https://noorden.bandcamp.com/album/rumble-when-bumble-2

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Mostly op-1 production from the woods of Maine.

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to date, 104 out of 109 tracks on my Soundcloud are all primarily featuring and made with OP-1 as the DAW, sampler, synth and sequencer…(and a lot more effects etc)…so like at least 99% right?

most versatile bundle of joy, is my OP-1.

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I released an “all Op1 album” in 2018. Added some Moog for bass but that’s it.
It’s on Spotify and Bandcamp as well.

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That’s perfect. Whats the link to your soundcloud?

I love this album, thanks for adding it here!

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Thanks, man - that means a lot!
If you want to hear some more improvisational stuff done on the Op1, check out my Soundcloud.https://www.soundcloud.com/kontainer1

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My album Electro Shock is mostly made with OP-1.