Futuresonus Parva Synthesizer now available for pre-orders. Kickstarter $999 or $1499

I bought in to the Parva synthesizer. Will you be doing so as well?

For $999 you really can’t shake a stick at polyphonic analog sounds. And it looks like you can play it right from your OP-1 when used as a MIDI controller. There are 50 normal and 50 special faceplate ones available. Getting in now also means you can name a patch too (fun little detail). Here are the links:


Futuresonus site:

Funny enough, I made a comment on your old Tetra video, poking at DSI’s graphic/marketing design direction. But wow, the Parva, is so incredibly gorgeous, it saturates my eyes into infinity.

p.s. Do you still own the Tetra? It’s closer to my price point.

Thanks for the heads up @djthomaswhite . Finally a synth manufacturer with great typography taste… and it also sounds great. I have a feeling we will see more polyphonic analog synths this year.

PS: one PARVA thread is ok. we don’t need poly-threaded posts.

Looks really nice, finally a synth with usb hosting!

what i like about (parva ) +new machines/designers is that they are: NEW, more advanced, faster ,better ,cheaper and mostly important are freshly baked for us i mean for our times and present needs

not for stevie wonders or collector geeks with money enough …they had enough
i hope to buy this beauty asap.
finally iam gonna show the finger to all my friends that were egoist (have several fights for this issue in ART and MUSIC )and by pesimism they were shouting ‘that everything is already happened’ come on bitches i wanna play with new games and i have 2 kids too that i would love if they can find even newer and even more advanced tools to have fun (artistique) . Evolution babe

Looks really nice, finally a synth with usb hosting!

My thoughts exactly.

Parva is half way to being funded this morning (close anyway). It seems like a good bet it will make it’s goal. Yay!

Man this almost has me wanting to sell my elektron A4 to get. I just have grown so fond of the sequencer-looping aspect of A4 and the percussion type sounds… But funny as I wanted it as a poly analog synth, but this Parva seems to really have the workflow and layout that would suit me well.

Sounds great. Looks interesting, but… No buttons? Not even “shift”? No rotary encoder? I fear that the device might have clunky UI. That’s what undermined Tetra for me.

Wow, I just realized that you can get the mono version at $499 and add voices for $100 ea untill you reach poly. Unless I’m mistaken, that’s a brilliant idea and one that suits my wallet!

Sounds great. Looks interesting, but... No buttons? Not even "shift"? No rotary encoder? I fear that the device might have clunky UI. That's what undermined Tetra for me.
I would think the knobs work as push button encoders as well, but maybe not. Hope they have more demos soon

It does seem like it should have a few more knobs though, such as filter envelope, filter tracking etc.