FX While recording?

Hi, again. Seeing as yesterday’s post about tape pop delivered an instant solution, I thought I’d try to disentangle another mystery that has caused a lot of teeth gnashing.

Is it possible to manipulate FX whilst recording to tape?

Say I want to play a simple synth melody on one hand during recording. With my free hand, I’d like to slowly apply an FX such as CWO to add some variation, sonic weirdness. I’ve not figured out if this is possible and it has been frustrating trying.

Alternatively, is it possible to record a synth melody to tape, then manipulate that track on the tape with FX and record the manipulation?

So far, the best effects I can muster are when in FX mode and twiddling the encoders live. The moment I want to manipulate and record the encoders whilst recording to tape, it just seems to fall apart.

Thinking about this principle, I’d also be interested to know whether the encoders and manipulating them can be recorded whilst tweeking a synth sound. For example, say I go into D-Synth, pick a sound, find that turning the green encoder whilst exploring the tone adds a nice transitional sonic effect to the sound of the synth. Can this manipulation be captured as a track recording?

Thanks in advance.

of course u can. anything that u do while recording will be recorded to tape.
except for the master FX and the master compression/drive/eq stuff which is all post tape.

sometimes it can be tricky to proficiently play/record your lines while at the same time switching screens and manipulating encoders.

using the sequencers to get your lines down first will make it easier to do all this live.
then u just trigger the sequence with one key press, record, navigate and twist stuff

u can record your takes to tape first then use ear to resample/bounce thru the master FX to a new track
or u can record them back to drum/synth sampler and add FX that way then record back to tape

I just got done setting up a patchbay on my desk, and your question gave me an idea.

I have an old TC Electronics WireTap pedal. It’s a guitar pedal that records when you step on the switch. I wired it into the patchbay as a standalone effect. You can easily record a section from the OP-1, and then play that recording back, over and over, through your effects.

Then, with the effected recording running, just re-record it back into the OP-1, either sampling or straight to tape.

I’m not sure yet if it handles line level well, but I don’t see why not.

Yes it’s possible. I do it all the time. While you are recording, switch back to synth or sampler or whatever and play and manipulate to your heart’s desire!

Thanks for the tips, people. They have helped. :sunglasses:

In tape mode hit shift + rec to arm recording, switch to the synth/fx/lfo page u want to edit then hit play to start the recording :slight_smile: that way u can start tweaking from the jump, hit ur first note and play button at the same time to keep it tight to the loop :facepunch: