Gaijin in Nihon : let’s meet in Japan!


There are chances I’ll be in Japan from April 13th to 23rd 2019.
My wife will know in a week if she goes to Okinawa for a conference during this period.
While I can perfectly take a room there or in Tokyo and wander in the city, I’d prefer ? times to meet people and have fun jamming…
@モブス @HisMostDarxxxellent @Nedavine @orat @STEEEZO_946 and other operators in Japan would you have time for having a drink / jamming / showing me your favorite places?
Additionally I would really appreciate to try your couch during a couple of nights, if possible :wink:
I’ll bring with me French wine and maybe some French food if I can (I wonder if French cheese can be brought in the island).

Let me know if couch surfing is a thing where you’re at!
In PM if you need discretion :wink:




give me a shout if you go through kyoto, cant offer a place but can do beer and jams


Unfortunately my wife won’t attend the Japanese conference. Such travel is thus postpone to another year.

I’m surprised there are not more people eager to receive a fellow operator :-/
Btw anyone passing by Rennes, France is welcome under my roof !


Hi @LyingDalai sad that the travel was postponed, Japan is amazing and I hope to be back every year! <3

I should note that the houses are much smaller than in Europe/Americas/etc so It´s rare to have an extra room, but I should note that @111 it´s the best guide to Kyoto´s underground music scene! Thank you very much brother!

(Hope to visit Bretagne soon!)


I was serious with my invitation!
It’s best to tell it a couple months in advance, to make sure I’m home, but I offer table and bed, no problem :slight_smile: