Here’s GAS.

has anyone else ever gotten this far? like, ever? am I the first? :smiley:


Um…how do you get that screen? Is there a video game built into my OP1 that I’m not aware of?


yes :slight_smile:

don’t look it up, I bet you can guess the secret…


press four buttons at once @pfontaine2, and not 1-4 >.>

I do not have the patience nor the inclination to get that far @beefinator lol


One detail I love about the game —

basically none of the other functionality of the device works while the game is open. E.g. you can’t play synths or drum kits on the keyboard; the synth, drum, tape, and mixer buttons all exit the game; etc.

Except one thing… you can play/stop the tape.

I’m 100% confident that TE left this in there so we could make our own videogame soundtracks :smiley:


Or record the Airwolf theme to the Tape >.>


What a sweet Easter egg! I’ll try this now.


wtf, there’s a game!?


Yes. Thankfully I haven’t found it yet.