Gear I Didn't Buy Today

Today I didn’t buy a Juno 2 and a Casiotone MT-86. Both were in the junk section. In the exact same place I found a DX7 for ¥2,000 about a year ago. They two today were ¥6,480 and ¥864 respectively.
(¥1,000 is about £7.50 / $10)

So this thread, if you can’t guess, is dedicated to all those purchases that you happen upon. When you see them they bubble on the horizon and make you think twice or a hundred times whether you should or should not buy them.

It’s not exactly a GAS thread because I haven’t avidly been searching for any of those products but they interested me. I had to have a sit down and decide over a cup of coffee if they were a good idea or not. I’m sure I’m not the only one this happens too :slight_smile:

Between JU-06, Circuit, coming-soon Behringer DM12, OP-Z, and maybe at some point a new Elektron… There is a lot of things I haven’t bought today :smiley:
Lost my sunglasses and was stolen my bike, plus bought a lot of Italian wine, so I think it’s going to be the longest period without buying any new gear.
Which is good.

Lost my sunglasses and was stolen my bike, plus bought a lot of Italian wine, so I think it's going to be the longest period without buying any new gear. Which is good.

Sorry about the sunglasses and bike. I lost my Maui Jims last year. I’ve done a much better job taking care of my Rudy Project sunglasses, which of course is now my only pair of sunglasses. I got the Rudy Projects for bike riding, because the other sunglasses and my regular glasses both slipped off my face when I started sweating.

Enjoy the italian wine!

I was tempted by Elektron’s “clearance sale” of the Monomachine and Machine Drum. I managed to buy neither.

I’ve also been tempted by Minilogue and DeepMind 12 but have successfully resisted, partly by messing with my Korg M3 and realizing I actually like the sounds just fine. Yeah, I know the M3 is digital and all that, but for my musical needs it’s fine enough - my music doesn’t require poly analog.

So far I have limited my impulse buys this year to the Arcade pocket operator and Volca FM.

It helps that I keep finding things to do with my OP-1. It’s working out nicely as a loop playback device. I might start doing stuff where I make multitrack recordings of my analog synths (they’re all low-cost, mostly mono - except the Volca Keys which is 3-voice poly/para), import them into OP-1 for either playback or further mangling.

I’m been on the brink of buying a Make Noise Ø Coast cause of all the west coast bleep bloops and whatnot. I’ve got the Mother 32 and think they would make a great duo. However, i played around with some intersting CV modulation from my A4 and found the sounds I was after. Currently a happy camper…

@vanillasun same here on the ocoast but I don’t have a 32, but do have a microbrute. I’ve yet to try cv from A4 to the micro yet. Maybe the 32 and the micro together + the A4? Hmm ill probably have to take this to the gas thread now.

Managed to stave off purchasing Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms, even managed to get a few squid off the price…
I must, I must, I must ignore gear lust!

Casio PT-80 complete with box.

EDIT: it was a little under collectors price so I turned away.

Stumbled across a Yamaha D-50 (I think ) in a vintage shop.£50. 49 keys 4 OP FM, with original floppy. Nice keyboard ,but I’ll wait for my Volca FM to arrive.
Did leave the warehouse with 4 Afro traditional drums for £90 for my family (GF and two boys). Which was to good to resist.

Mfb dominion 1. Again. That synth is killing me! Nearly ordered it today (birthday coming up…) but I don’t really have any space left and thinking the behringer will maybe cover more bases. Waiting on some proper reviews… Gonna have to buckle on the Dominion 1 at some point though. Sounds incredible in videos…

OP-1. Had one, sold it to fund other gear but now the only thing that keeps me from it is the fact that it can’t utilize full potential of Linnstrument. If the synth params could be fully mappable to MIDI than I would have bought it yesterday again. Still, I’m missing it.

i wish I could post here - but willpower is not written in bold type here.

what I didn’t buy yet is the 0-coast…

@tasmansea buy it! It’s not really advice in the spirit of the thread but it is as good as you think and a truck load more.
Apologies in advance!
The 0 Coast really ‘puts the pussy on the chainwax’.

damn you @Beardyjack ! =)

are they even available already? do you own one yourself?

Been putting off starting a eurorack, can only afford a few modules and just can’t decide which ones to buy.

Hahahaha hahahahaha

@Callofthevoid yeah, that MFB Dominion is H.O.T!!!
I will refrain, I’ve just set up my equipment in a permanent spot and I definitely don’t have enough space FOR ANYTHING ELSE (at the moment).

Been putting off starting a eurorack, can only afford a few modules and just can't decide which ones to buy.

Good day fella! I think it’ll be like your gear @Virtual_Flannel. There’s nothing better than experimenting and satisfying curiousity. You’ll buy stuff, trade stuff, never let go of stuff, and wish you hadn’t have bought stuff. Maybe not so much the latter ‘stuff’ I guess because if you pick stuff it up on the second-hand market then the resale value should be the same.

@tasmansea yes I managed to get the last one from Matttech Modular. I was on lots of waiting lists but kept checking every day just incase then got lucky last week.
They are ultra rare in the UK it seems, I didn’t actually realise they had been released yet let alone out of stock!
It is a great little unit though, I’m yet to hook it up to the OP-1, still in that crazy phase where I’m just going mental on it! It has some lovely tones, I’m looking forward to making some drum sounds to sample into the OP-1, it spits out a great range of noises, it’s a d’n’b weapon with the kind of face grating bass it generates, haven’t even used fx on it yet!
Sorry mate! I am on your side deep down!

Sold a load of gear so have just over 1k “fun-money”.
Keep going to and fro between pulling the trigger on a Elektron Rytm or a Dell XPS 15.

Then there’s always the temptation of buying and filling a little 84-104hp eurorack.

My finger has been hovering over the “buy” button on a few used MPC 1000’s, in recent weeks. That, and the new MPC Studio Black. I have to restrain myself, because A) Pioneer’s Toraiz is due to drop in a week, B) a friend tells me his DITC buddy who beta tests for Akai is hinting at the possibility of a new standalone MPC, later this year, and C) Akai’s 2.0 software is due soon, and I don’t want to pay for the upgrade. If I sit tight, I may get it w/ a Studio Black purchase (if options A & B don’t flesh out).