General synthesis questions

I thought i’d set up a thread for general question concerning synths, their features (the ones that aren’t exclusive to one synth but have applications across many synths of the same type), different types of synthesis, etc.

First off: what is the practical application of filter keyboard tracking? I’ve managed to understand that it opens the, for instance, low pass filter as you go up the keyboard so as to not have massive volume differences, but I’ve never had a practical application where I found it useful. Where do you use it? It could also be that this is not the point of filter tracking at all.

Another one that’s tempting is FM, but I guess random tweaking in hopes of getting lucky is enough, as I’ve tried to read up on it many times… :slight_smile:

Another way to think of filter tracking is a way to give the sound a bit of life/motion as you play up and down the range

Make a piano like sound brighter, higher up the keyboard. Or tame harsh high end in reverse. But a good one is to tune pitched effects (like self oscillating filters /comb filters) so they track the keyboard with equal harmonics as our regular oscillators and create musical tones and are playable.
-I like filtering hi hats and stuff with a comb ,controlled by a bass lines’ midi part.