Getting a 2nd hand OP-1

Hi guys! New to this forum, wanted to make my first post about the op-1 I’m getting tomorrow. How should I go about testing that everything is working fine? I’ve got like 3 days to let the app know that the product is in good condition. Would love to know if there’s some stuff that may go unnoticed for an untrained eye. Thank you!

hold shift+com when u turn it on
and i believe there is a function test u can run
that will cycle u thru a bunch of different tests

obv maybe all the other things u are able to test yourself too
audio jacks usb port. keys buttons knobs.
make sure u can go into disk mode
stuff like that


As @docshermsticks just said, try the TEST feature to see if something’s wrong.
And then, go for the usuals. Line-in, charging, USB mounting, etc.
You can install the latest firmware if it’s not already in there too.

Then, take it for a full test drive and make a song. Then export it.

Test the screen for dead pixels and damage, test (gently) any port and rotaries for wobbling, etc.

All in all, should take you an hour to test.
Before hand, try scouting the forums (here, Elektronauts, etc).
And in case of a doubt, ask TE, ask the forums with a photo or a video. Goes a long way, sometimes.

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ditto the Line-in/aux out. That’s the 1st thing that seems to fail

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Hey guys! Thank you all so much for the tips, I just got it and lost track of time playing with it haha. Everything works perfectly, tried everything that I could, and seems to me to be in perfect state. Again thank you all, and happy to be a part of this community :slight_smile: