Getting Married and Wu-Tang

Hey looking for some advice on editing a Wu Tang song for my wedding.

The song is “protect ya neck (the jump off)” naturally…

The beginning part with the announcer I would like to try and replace his words with mine. My feelings are that it might have to be just re-recording the intro myself and splicing it into the rest of the song but if there is a way to remove his vocals without having to get rid of the rest that would be amazing!

Anyone know if this is possible or if there is software that would remove the vocals so I can replace them with mine?

Much appreciated!

Ahhhh what a cool idea. I tried this the other day with a plug-in and the results were expected - I lost the melody part.

Here’s why; most main melodies sit in the 1-4Khz frequency range. As do vocals. So if you cancel these frequencies you will also be canceling the melody.

Does the loop have the melody you want without the vocals? If so then I suggest recording them over that and looping it but it sounds like this won’t be possible. The way the plugin works is to eliminte mono frequencies/signals which in which most vocals are recorded. If I were you the next step would be to get the track into my DAW and find out where vocal frequencies are occurring by sweeping the frequency range and then cut them out. Listen back to the audio and see if it cuts the melody. If it does then there will be no other way than asking RZA himself for the instrumental version of the track.

Good luck!

PS. If you don’t know any of this then inbox me and I will try it for you: I’d love to help!

PSS. Great track by the way!

PSSS. Alternatively you or I could try to reproduce these sounds. I think I could do it and like I said - I’d be happy to help! :wink:

Isnt there a instrumental version you could snip and rejoin?



Wow thanks so much! That would be super great to have some assistance with this undertaking! I am a noob and don’t actually have a decent DAW…


Here is the version I’m using and going for:

What I’m trying for is in the introduction where the crowd is cheering and the announcer says “ladies and gentlemen…its them!” I would like to replace that with my fiancé’s two kids saying something along the lines of “ladies and gentlemen introducing Mr and Mrs…!” Then the song would play through as usual and then we all start dancing to the Wu.

So I’m thinking it might be easiest to take the instrumental track that steveoath found or this one(sounds a bit cleaner):

And then just grab stock audience cheering from elsewhere, throw that overtop, add a recording of the kids, then join it to the original.

Or is there a better easier way?