getting midi-in to work with the op-1. beat step pro + op-1

It should be simple right?

i am quite new to the op-1, but really struggling with this. i am simply trying to connect the beat step pro to the op-1.

Yes I watched all the tutorials and they all seem to use this iconnect midi box.
Since then this company updated this box and REMOVED that standard USB port on the front-center that conveniently connected to the op1.

I purchased this newer iconnect midi instead
but it does not seem to be working at all likely because of the bizarre connection have to make from that female-usb-mini port (far left of image) to the op-1

does anyone know how this can be accomplished without trying to acquire one of the older obsolete iconnect MIDI devices or the 300$ oplab? did anyone have luck getting one of the newer iconnect midi products to work? was anyone able to connect the beat step pro to the op-1?

Thanks in advance!!!

I tHink the inonnect unit needs to be connected to pc\mac\ios inorder to work bc that isnt usb host ver, i just purchased midi4+ to intergrate ipad n op-1 into my set-up its not too bad 199 $ specially if you own other midi toys or plant to expand your,set up

Midi4+ works as stand alone midi patchbay n i m loving it

this is so buggy on android brower srry

You need a USB host, not a MIDI interface. The iConnect Midi 4+ does this, other iConnect stuff doesn’t. I use a Kenton USB Host, works a treat.