Giving back to the Amen

There’s a good gesture/gofundme donation going around for the lead vocalist and sax player of The Winstons. Unfortunately the drummer, Gregory Coleman had past away in 2006 and apparently homeless at the time. Just letting ya’ll know if you didn’t already. The Amen is my all-time favorite break… don’t care how much it’s been used/flipped/played-out, it’s still the greatest imo.
"4. How the funds will be spent (be specific as possible)
As above, all money raised will go to Richard.
Some people have said some should go to the daughter and step-daughter of Gregory Coleman (the drummer).
If we are able to get in contact with them then it is definitely something that could also happen."

It's pretty crazy that he's raised 10 000 quid and has not decided who actually gets the money. Hope he's the real thing. Anyway, nice gesture, but I wish it would've been made a bit more professionally.

Here’s the article i came across:

Really hope they can find the daughters and have them involved.

Here’s the dude’s soundcloud that put it together if it matters,haha:

Now picked up by Peter Kirn: