Glad to be back! Check out my album!

Missed being on an op-1 forum… I was “lurkalike” on ohpeewon.

Anyways, I put my new album on bandcamp.
There’s a lot of op-1 one on it, and a few of the tracks started as loops on the op-1 tape!
It would be rad if anyone wanted to check it out.
Pay what you want to download, stream, download free.

DL’d homie!

@Virtual_Flannel Thanks!!!

Nice tracks…down.loaded.

@Needles I appreciate it!

great work! @MATT_HAND I think others as well as myself would love to know about your work flow if you don’t mind sharing!

Nice bro


Did listen to the whole album, very good production!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!!!

@dimi3 as far as the work flow–
it varies from track to track.

Sometimes I’ll just start out with loop on the op-1’s 4 track and then bring it into ableton and add/edit/remix/chop from there.
Some tracks are all ableton, some started as incomplete logic tracks from like years ago.
I do a lot of hardware synth layered with soft synths and live drums layered with samples/synth drums.
My work flow is pretty all over the place haha. Almost every song starts differently.
I use a lot of NI’s Battery 4, minibrute, op-1, volca keys, guitar rig fx.

I love sampling tape stops or slow downs from the op-1… you can definitely hear that on the intro to people.

Thanks again everyone! Feel free to share!
I need to start checking out all of your guys’s stuff again.

here’s my soundcloud link too.

There are some way older tracks on there.

whoa, that is some dope music you made there.

@Erhenius thanks so much!