Glitch apps / bytebeat

If you’re anything like me, you love glitchy twisted random sick-algorithm fart noises. & if you have Android these are the two best free BYTEBEAT apps Imo . it sounds crazy nasty awful at the beginning but you whittle it down (using Math!) to what you want. Give em a chance & these two can make some filthy greasy circuit-bent drunk-motherboards having unencrypted robot sex. And they want my Op 1 to watch.

For the “let’s do some math!” folks: Droidbeat is great, you get in and change the equation yourself. Smart guy.

The “lets NOT do some math” crowd get my personal all-time favorite 8 BIT BUCKAROO. Easy , crazy, quick & SO much fun.

Anybody know of any others?

I recoomend 8tone, a dead cheapo tracker, but easy and lot if fun!

Wow cool, any glitch apps for iOS?

kites - there are quite a few.

- bitwiz - probably my favorite standalone app - the xy pad opens up a lot of live performance opportunities
- caustic - has a programmable bytebeat synth
- glitch machine (haven’t used it but I think it may have been the 1st)

full disclosure - haven’t had the patience to get much productive work done in these apps, mostly just screwing around…